What is it?

13D Monitor is the most comprehensive qualitative research service which specializes in shareholder activism and 13D filings and offers incomparable actionable intelligence, analysis and commentary. Our team’s deep experience and expertise allow us to deliver unparalleled insights and analysis to our subscribers, which include the industry’s leading hedge funds, investment banks and law firms.

We review, monitor and analyze every 13D filing and promptly distribute detailed reports on all material filings to our clients, providing information that drives investment decisions and perspectives. Our goal is to provide the highest quality independent, insightful and timely information to our customers, allowing them to better understand the filings and context surrounding them.

Ken Squire, founder and principal of 13D Monitor, has written the Activist Spotlight column for Barron’s from 2007 to 2020. He now writes the column for CNBC where he is an on-air Contributor. He is frequently quoted in The Wall Street Journal and many other financial news publications with respect to shareholder activism.

What Benefits Do Subscribers Receive?

Daily emailed reports

Daily emailed reports on all material 13D filings above $100M market cap., which range from brief updates of current situations to full reports and analysis on new 13D initiations with our value added commentary.

Access to our online Activist Database

Access to our online Activist Database which contains, among other things, the activist histories of all activist investors, a detailed summary of all live 13D filings, sortable by industry, market cap., returns and activist measures taken (i.e. director nominations, share buybacks, redemption of poison pill, etc.), a standstill agreement database, easily downloadable template reports, a comprehensive institutional investor voting database and a sortable library of all activist letters and agreements.

Email alerts

Daily and Weekly Email Recaps, The Activist Report newsletter, a monthly newsletter which varies in content each month but consistently has a 10 Question interview with someone from the activist/corporate governance world (past participants include Bill Ackman, Nelson Peltz, Mason Morfit, Michelle Edkins), ‘Under the Threshold’ reports, which follows situations where there is an active investor who owns under 5%, and a summary of activism over the past month.

Preferred access to the conference

Preferred access to attend and sponsor the premier activist conference, The Active-Passive Investor Summit. This 400+ person event typically features a cutting edge program with top activist speakers, such as Carl Icahn, Bill Ackman and Nelson Peltz.

Access to us and our network

Access to us and our network – our network includes the premier activist hedge funds and many of the largest pension funds, institutional investors, long/short and event driven hedge funds and service providers in the space. We routinely work to connect clients, answer questions, and make key introductions.

How is 13D Monitor Different?

Key points of differentiation between 13D Monitor and other services covering activist investing, are:

  • We review every 13D filing and promptly send out comprehensive reports on all activist filings (above $100M market cap) and only activist filings; others send out every 13D filing on a limited subset of activists, whether they are activist filings or not – this protocol is susceptible to missing key activist filings and reporting on many non-activist filings.
  • We have deep relationships in the activist community and provide a value-added commentary on the 13D filing, they are just providing data.
  • Our elite customers receive access to us for any questions on activism or to be introduced to activist investors or others in our network. We routinely work with our clients and make key introductions.
  • We offer international coverage and coverage of situations that are under the 5% 13D filling threshold.